Get Rid of Ugly Stains on Your Teeth

Smile and the world smiles with you, especially if you have pearly whites and healthy gums. PureSmile, a website that is dedicated to teeth whitening, explains that teeth stains cannot only be a reason to frown. They can also mean catastrophe to oral health. Luckily, you can get rid of the stains that otherwise ruin your sparkling smile.


What are teeth stains?

Teeth stains are discolorations in the teeth. If you visit the website, you will learn that teeth stains are usually caused by chemicals in foods and medicines that you consume. The top culprits of teeth stains are dark-colored food and beverages such as caffeinated and carbonated drinks and wine.

Drinking loads of coffee, tea and soda which contains caffeine and acids is one way to dim your grin. Drinking red wine can also give you purple-tinged teeth that you surely would want to hide. Smoking tobacco and cigarettes is another way to say goodbye to white teeth. These nicotine-packed habits can spell disaster to your enamel with clinging stubborn brown and black stains, tartar and plaque. Even antibiotics can paint that white canvass of your teeth with ugly hues of yellow and brown.

The stain on your teeth not only causes ugly discolorations on your teeth. The specialists at PureSmile AU explain that stains on the teeth slowly thin and ruin the enamel that protects your teeth.

How can you avoid teeth stains?

Good oral hygiene that includes regular and proper brushing and flossing is a simple regimen to maintain the integrity and health of your teeth. Teeth whitening products and mouth rinse can also help remove discolorations. Fluoride and calcium supplementation through diet can also strengthen the teeth. Cheese and high-fiber foods such as spinach and broccoli also help protect and clean teeth. Limiting dark-colored foods and beverages also gets your teeth out of stain’s way. Not smoking or quitting the habit can also redeem you from nicotine-stained teeth.

How can you get rid of teeth stains?

  • Getting Rid the Natural Way

Home remedies are readily available to fix those stubborn stains and give you back your confident smile. But the road to white sparkling teeth, the natural way, is a long process. It will take months and years. These top home remedies include:

1. Washing your teeth with lemon juice or lime mixed in water. (Caution: Use this method sparingly to avoid wearing off of your enamel overtime due to acids in juice)

2. Bleaching your teeth by rinsing them with diluted hydrogen peroxide (less than an ounce in a glass of water).

3. Brushing your teeth with 1/4 teaspoon baking soda.

  • Getting Help from the Professionals

Specialists can help brighten your teeth by removing the stains that had stubbornly adhered to the surface. They can easily assess the damage on your teeth and recommend suitable procedures that can solve your teeth woes. PureSmile, for example, recommends executive and platinum peroxide-free treatments and signature cosmetic treatment to whiten your teeth. You can check out the different teeth whitening prices of each treatment. Dentists that specialize on teeth whitening can also recommend bleaching agents and laser treatments.

For more teeth whitening solutions, check the website Pure Smile offers safe and long-lasting treatments suitable for anyone with problems on teeth stains.

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